Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Dura-Seal & Opti-Coat PPF come together to extend the level of care and protection for your vehicle.
Offering UV stabilised self-healing paint protection film for your door cups, door edges and top of rear bumper.

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PPF for Protecting Door Cups

Protecting your door cups from fine deep scratches that form when finger nails and rings scuff against your door cups paint work.

Over time fine lines and scratches build up behind your door handles dulling down the paint. While they may not be very noticeable, in the beginning, it does not take long before you are looking at dull, scratched paint, indicating heavy wear and reduced paint life.

Opti-Coat PPF is UV stabilised, will not yellow, and with its self healing properties the films gloss will last with its 7 year product performance warranty.


PPF for Protecting Door Edges

Significantly reduce the occurrence of paint chipping on door edges with Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film.

Application of the Opti-Coat, 12mm wide, PPF film along the folding of your door edges will greatly reduce chipping events of the door edge paint work.

Keeping that new car feeling for much long while helping to maintain your vehicles future value.

While unsightly door edge chips can make your vehicle look much older than it is. PPF film protection for door edges carries the same 7 year product performance warranty with its UV stabilisation and self healing properties.


PPF For Protecting Top Of Rear Bumper

Protect the top of your new vehicles rear bumper lip from scuffs and scrapes of luggage and pets.

Opti-Coat PPF for the top of the rear bumper significantly reduces the affects of luggage scrapes and pet entry through the rear of the vehicle.

With its self healing properties and UV stabillisation the PPF film carries a 7 year product performance warranty to not yellow or peel.

30CM Bonnet Strip

Ask about our advanced protection options including a 30cm bonnet protection strip



More than 25 years of Product Excellence.

Dura-Seal High Performance Ceramic Paint Protector is based on technology developed for the US Space and defence industries providing resistance against chemicals and extreme heat. After a decade of trials and development DURA-SEAL now offers you a superbly durable product that will maintain your vehicle's appearance for longer than ever.

Only the latest technology and resins are used in the production of Dura-Seal Ceramic Paint, Leather and Fabric protection products. All Dura-Seal protection products are manufactured in New Zealand and provide a surpassed level of automotive protection and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s exterior and interior care guidelines.

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