Frequently Asked Questions - What's Behind Ceramic Coatings

Are Dura-Seal car care products environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Dura-Seal car care products found in your care bag are 100% biodegradable and the containers used are all suitable for curbside recycling. Often you will wash with water only or Q-Clean eliminating any environmental impact.

What does my Dura-Seal Lifetime warranty cover?

All products carry a $1,500 claim limit. Please refer to the warranty provided for inclusions, exclusions and the T’s & C’s.

Why is water not forming beads on my fabric?

Not all fabrics will exhibit repellency. This can be due to the open weave of the fabric or because a chemical softening agent was used on the fibres at the mill. The lack of repellency will not effect the stain release properties or warranty validity.

Can I take my car through a car wash?

Dura-Seal is detergent proof and therefore car wash safe but we recommend washing by hand whenever possible.

Mechanical car washes can have contaminated brushes and use a combination of strong detergents and friction or very high water pressure. They can cause abrasive damage and leave swirl marks or surface contaminants behind.

Can I wash my car with a car wash brush?

We recommend a clean wash mitt or sponge. But if you wish to use a purposefully designed car wash brush, ensure that it is very clean and the bristles never rest on the ground. Avoid using brushes on black or other dark colours as they can lead to swirl marks. For a quick and easy clean use Q-Clean.

Can I polish or wax my car?

A cleaner polish or wax will not remove Dura-Seal however it is unlikely you will need to use polish or wax. In the event you want to use a cleaning polish to remove an abnormal contaminant from your paintwork please contact us first.

How do I avoid causing water spots on my paintwork?

Waterspots are not caused by rain, they occur when wash agents or tap water are allowed to dry on the vehicle.

The key to avoiding waterspots, detergent burns or mineral deposits is drying your vehicle before the elements do. Dry the top surfaces before you wash the rest of the vehicle or keep the tops wet while you wash the rest of the vehicle.

Remember, there are no waterspots caused when using Q-Clean.

How often should I wash and dry my car?

You should wash and dry your car 3-4 times a month to remove and reduce the build up of contaminations on the paint surface. This will ensure that your paint looks as good as when it was first done for many years to come.

What should I use to dry my car?

Use a clean soft microfibre towel or a clean dampened synthetic chamois. Never use an old, dry, scratchy towel.

What if I have a car accident and panels are repainted?

Make sure that your repairer knows that your vehicle has a Dura-Seal ceramic coating and it will be reapplied and as part of your insurance claim.

How do I remove tar, tree sap or bee poo from my car?

Rule #1: Act promptly. Dura-Seal ceramic coatings are detergent proof and highly resistant to solvents and spirits.

So for example it is safe to remove road tar with a dedicated tar removal product, but be sure to soften first to avoid scratching the clear-coat. Please contact us to get advice on the safe removal of tree sap or bee poo.

What should I do if I get bird droppings on my vehicle?

Rule #1: Act promptly. Bird guano can easily be removed with water but thoroughly soften first to avoid scratching. You can do this by flooding with running water or by leaving a wetted towel on the mark until it softens.

How do I remove marks from my upholstery?

Rule #1: Act promptly. Most marks will be removed by wetting slightly with luke-warm water then blotting dry. Never rub the surface and if you are unsure contact us for advice.

When to pressure wash.

Use of a pressure washer should be limited to when the paintwork is contaminated with heavy dirt or mud. First, soak the paintwork with a light pressure. Then with a medium pressure at a distance (not up close) wash as much of the larger debris and mud away as you can. Follow this up with a good thick lather and wash mitt or snow-foam-cannon; wash and thoroughly rinse the paint work. Be sure to keep the surface wet or wash and dry the top, each side and front separately to prevent water spotting.

Where can I purchase more Dura-Seal car care products?

Many dealers carry Dura-Seal car wash and Q-Clean in stock but all products are available from our online shop.

Minimise Wash Marks!

What's Behind Ceramic Coatings

How Hard Is Your Coating:

A better question is; "what do pencil hardness and MOHS scale actually mean in terms of vehicle coatings?"

Pencil hardness was originally developed by pencil manufacturers for quality control. From the early 1990's if two different pencils could make the same scratch damage to a coated surface, both pencils were considered to have the same hardness.

Reversing this and using it as a measure of how hard a coating is can be misleading and misrepresentative of what a coating does. A coating quoted as being 9H or 10H pencil hardness can be scratched with a fingernail.

Many coating companies will provide test data on hardness, where the coating was applied to steel plate. Resulting in a very high hardness number of 9H. However, it's the substrate we must look at when testing films that are >1 to 5 microns in thickness. It's is very unlikely that you will get a reading on the films hardness but rather the hardness of the steel beneath it.

With many independent studies showing that the substrates hardness can alter the test ready by as much as 13H. When a company promotes how hard their coating is. They are really promoting how hard the surface beneath the coating was at the time of testing.

The MOHS Scale:

Often misused to represent a product as 9H on the MOHS scale, which if true a dried sample should be able to visibly scratch glass. This could lead to many promoters and applicators inadvertently falsely advertising products.

Why Coat Your Vehicles Paint:

At this point you're likely considering why would I coat my vehicle?

Along 30+ years of coating tens of thousands of vehicles, we coat our own and family members vehicles to help them keep their cars cleaner longer, easier to clean and save on washing and drying time without needing to wax after every wash.

Moreover, we manufacture coatings for vehicles to provide a sacrificial barrier between your vehicles clearcoat and the environment. Providing a significantly greater longevity, durability and protection than wax.

More than 25 years of Product Excellence.

Dura-Seal High Performance Ceramic Paint Protector is based on technology developed for the US Space and defence industries providing resistance against chemicals and extreme heat. After a decade of trials and development DURA-SEAL now offers you a superbly durable product that will maintain your vehicle's appearance for longer than ever.

Only the latest technology and resins are used in the production of Dura-Seal Ceramic Paint, Leather and Fabric protection products. All Dura-Seal protection products are manufactured in New Zealand and provide a surpassed level of automotive protection and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s exterior and interior care guidelines.

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