Leather Protection

Dura-Seal Leather Care

Dura-Seal leather care products are specifically designed to follow the leather care guidelines recommended by the leather manufacturers worldwide. Dura-Seal Leather Care are independently tested to EN13336 standards by an accredited test laboratory, recognized by the international council of tanners and passed method IS011640.

Product Features

  • Prevents leather from aging prematurely.
  • Stops cracking and helps retain suppleness of the leather.
  • Removes and protects against everyday soiling and spills.
  • Service warranty to take care of accidental damage, such as; Cuts, Scratches, Burns and Ballpoint Ink.
  • Easy, fast cleaning saves time.
  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of ownership.
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Grades Of Automotive Leather

Full-Grain Leather:

Commonly used in luxury vehicle's Napa Leather is full-grain leather. Its texture retains the original markings of the hide. A protective OEM coating is applied to create a more durable finish.

Aniline Leather:

Considered to be the finest leather available because it uses the best hides. Aniline leather is rich in colour and exceptionally soft to the touch. However, without a protective coating aniline leather is more susceptible to damage through wear, losing colour quickly. Not widely used in the automotive arena.

Semi-Aniline Leather:

Semi-Aniline leather is coloured with aniline dyes followed by a coating to provide a uniform coloured finish. More widely used in the automotive luxury end than mid-range vehicles. Retains some of the softness attributed to aniline leather while being more durable.

Corrected Grain Leather:

Most commonly used through the automotive sector. Engineered to feel like a natural leather, it is at its most resilient when treated with leather protection products, widely accepted as the most suitable for high use automotive settings.

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About Leather Wear

Normal Wear:

The most frequently used seat is the driver's seat and will often wear the fastest. The movement in and out of the car seat creates micro-abrasion scuffs. Over time this can produce cracks in unprotected leather.

How Dirt Wears Your Leather Down:

It's impossible to stop dirt from getting into your vehicle. Dirt is the enemy of unprotected leather. Dirt introduces wear points that prematurely age the leather. Leather coatings help keep the dirt away from the pores of the leather and make it easier to clean and restore the OEM look and feel.

Body Oils and Perspiration:

As the season's change, your body releases oils and perspiration onto the surface of the leather. Unprotected leather will absorb these oils and salts reducing the life of the leather and altering the original colour.

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Care For Your Leather

Dura-Seal Leather Guard Kit & Cleaner:

Your Dura-Seal Leather Guard purchase includes a leather cleaner and maintenance kit. The boxed kit contains 2x 250ml bottles of leather cleaner, 1x 250ml bottle of leather protection cream, 1x cleaning sponge, 1x soft cleaning brush and 1x application mitt.

Your Dealer - Applicator:

Prior to collecting your new vehicle, the first application is applied by the dealer. Ongoing cleaning and protection maintenance is recommended at 6 monthly intervals, or sooner if the vehicle is in high use and gathering dirt and oils.

Product Tips:

  • Prior to cleaning the leather, give the seat a good vacuum.
  • Clean and dry in sections i.e. seat back followed by the seat base.
  • Squeeze the cleaning sponge while adding the leather cleaner product.
  • Clean the surface in a light circular - agitation motion. Keeping the sponge wet and lathered with the leather cleaner product.
  • Only use the brush if the surface looks quite oily from body oils or greasy food contamination.
  • Before moving on to the next area, dry the current area with a slightly damp microfibre cloth.
  • Allow the seat to dry then apply the Leather Protection Cream.

Applying Leather Protection Cream:

  • Cup the mitt in hand and apply a small amount of the cream into the mitt.
  • Working in small sections; evenly wipe the cream over the surface of the leather. Lightly even out the leather cream to a smooth finish.
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More than 25 years of Product Excellence.

Dura-Seal High Performance Ceramic Paint Protector is based on technology developed for the US Space and defence industries providing resistance against chemicals and extreme heat. After a decade of trials and development DURA-SEAL now offers you a superbly durable product that will maintain your vehicle's appearance for longer than ever.

Only the latest technology and resins are used in the production of Dura-Seal Ceramic Paint, Leather and Fabric protection products. All Dura-Seal protection products are manufactured in New Zealand and provide a surpassed level of automotive protection and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s exterior and interior care guidelines.

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