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How can DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protector protect your car?

When viewed as a magnified cross section, your unprotected paintwork looks like jagged edges with peaks and valleys. It's these peaks and valleys that allow minerals and pollution to settle in, eating away at the finish and shine of the surface.

Road Film, Dirt and More:

Road film, dirt and other atmospheric pollutants attack and corrode the surface of your paintwork. DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protector creates a durable protective skin with a silky high gloss finish.

Permanent Smooth Seal:

Pollutants, bird droppings, grime and dirt are repelled, no longer contaminating your vehicles paint. Making the paint surface significantly easier to clean and dry without the need to ever wax your vehicle after washing and drying.

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DURA-SEAL The Environmental Choice Since 1992.

Since 1992 we have focused on producing and supplying quality biodegradable cleaning products, recyclable hard and soft PET plastic bottles and glass containers.

Less Is More:

Surfaces coated with Dura-Seal ceramics have less build up of road grime over the same period. Reducing the cleaning product required while maintaining the shine. In addition, correctly cared for coated surfaces no longer require waxing and polishing as part of their maintenance schedule, reducing the use of harmful chemicals.

Extending life:

Coated surfaces have an increased resistance to environmental break-down. Reducing chemicals released into the environment over the manufactured life of the surface.

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Paint Protection

Leather Protection

Fabric Protection

DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protection offers a lifetime warranty that clients love!

TF Group is a New Zealand owned company. We have been supplying DURA-SEAL automotive protection products to the New Zealand motor industry for over 25 years and are recognised as a market leader in this field.

Paint Protection Film

Dura-Seal Paint Protection Film (PPF):

Dura-Seal & Opti-Coat PPF come together to extend the level of care and protection for your vehicle. Offering UV stablised self-healing paint protection film for your door cups, door edges, top of rear bumper and more.

Key Points:

  • Prevent scuff and scratches on protected areas.
  • 7-year non-yellow, no-peal warranty.
  • Protect: Door Cups.
  • Protect: Door Edges.
  • Protect: Top Of Rear Bumper.
  • Protect: 30cm Bonnet Leading Edge.

  • Available in Auckland, Hamilton, Whakatane, Wellington and Christchurch.


    More than 25 years of Product Excellence.

    Dura-Seal High Performance Ceramic Paint Protector is based on technology developed for the US Space and defence industries providing resistance against chemicals and extreme heat. After a decade of trials and development DURA-SEAL now offers you a superbly durable product that will maintain your vehicle's appearance for longer than ever.

    Only the latest technology and resins are used in the production of Dura-Seal Ceramic Paint, Leather and Fabric protection products. All Dura-Seal protection products are manufactured in New Zealand and provide a surpassed level of automotive protection and follow the vehicle manufacturer’s exterior and interior care guidelines.

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